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AquaCal - Swimming Pool & Spa Heat Pumps AutoPilot -Salt Chlorine Generators CrystalWorX - The Jewel In Your Pool Lo-Chlor - Specialty Pool & Spa Chemicals TropiClear® - Complete Line of Quality Pool Care Chemicals HXOF - HornerXpress Online Fulfillment. Create Your Own Online Pool Store, Using HornerXpress' Catalog E-Storefront - Online Ordering Team... Read more

Xpress Solutions for the Swimming Pool Trade

For over 40 years HornerXpress has been the premier independent distributor of pool equipment to pool and spa professionals in Florida. Not only does HornerXpress provide an extensive range of swimming pool products to satisfy every project but also offers complete business solutions to help our customers grow and prosper. Our knowledgeable and courteous customer service, excellent relationships with our suppliers, as well as our impressive pool and spa inventory and daily delivery... Read more

When To Display Your Florida Pool Contractor's License

A guide to compliance with Ch. 489.119 (5) of Florida Statues While you may already include your license number on all of your trucks and on advertisements, be sure you are following all of the requirements. The license number must be conspicuously and legibly displayed on all of the following items: (A business tax / occupational license is not a contractor license number) Application for building permit Offer of service (regardless of the medium) Business proposal... Read more

AquaCal Introduces New Half Million BTU Commercial Heat Pump

St. Petersburg, Florida - AquaCal AutoPilot, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of swimming pool/spa heat pumps since 1981, is pleased to introduce its latest addition to the product line – The Great Big Bopper. The Great Big Bopper (GBB) is the perfect solution for most large commercial pool applications, for both heating and cooling. A single unit features a half million BTUs with a 6.3 C.O.P. Its compact footprint alleviates the large space requirement for multiple unit... Read more

We Now Offer Online Pool Classes

Pool Operator Primer™ Engaging stand-alone operator training. Includes NSPF Pool & Spa Operator™ Handbook. Price: $150.00 Certified Pool/Spa Inspector™ Standardized training program for health officials and pool operators on conducting pool and spa inspections. Price: $50.00 Aquatic Risk Management™ Identifying, analyzing and taking steps to reduce or eliminate risks. Price: $50.00 Emergency Response Planning™... Read more

NEW Product: Sioux Chief's Stick-Em Up, DWV Pipe Support

Stick-Em Up DWV Pipe Support Features: White ABS DWV Pipe Support Strong l-beam design, 10" long stem Nail ways for easy drain fall calculation 100% corrosion proof & impact resistant Easily glues to ABS or PVC with all-purpose glue Available in: 1.5-2" (Item #549-712) or 3-4" (Item #549-734) Read more

NEW Product: LaMotte WaterLink Spin

LaMotte WaterLink Spin LaMotte has released a revolutionary new in-store lab, WaterLink Spin. By filling one unique Spin reagent disk with water your customer will be able to do all the vital tests right in your store. In just 60 seconds all the test results are transferred into the DataMate 10 software and analyzed to display results and recommend precise treatment instructions. Remove the disk and you are ready for the next customer! This ground-breaking analysis system is so... Read more

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